Answers in a single click

Gather highly qualified data to understand customer feedback and behaviour

An interactive e-ink screen and a clever algorithm to rotate questions

Smart rotation of questionnaires
Remote control of tablets
Prepare a questionnaire in minutes and start analysing response data online
Real-Time Data

Qwesteo connected kiosks transmit data 24/7 via integrated 3G card

Customer actually like giving feedback

Qwesteo is a unique way of gathering & interpreting large amounts of client feedback


Track customer perception on many subjects

in order to truly understand the customer experience


A complete range of Qwesteo interactive kiosks is designed specifically for retail environments


Professional SEO services

Qwesteo autonomous tablets

How do you track customer satisfaction levels?   An e-ink display screen allows you to ask simple questions about the customer experience which can be answered on the Smiley Version by pressing on one of four smiley face buttons.

A customer centric approach means understanding the why. The Advanced version takes full advantage of the e-ink display screen which allows you to ask a short series of simple textual questions which help qualify answers and reach a true understanding of the consumer experience. The buttons can be associated with smileys or text which are displayed on the ink-ink screen.

Fun looking, the device hides under the bonnet a sophisticated piece of Made in France technology developed in partnership with a world class technology company Sectronic.

Qwesteo tactile tablets

The touch screen tablet specifically designed for use in retail environments is robust. With a full colour screen it offers a multitude of possibilities to gather customer feedback, run marketing campaigns, promote products or simply inform customers of in-store events.

Professional SEO services

Pertinent data is physically difficult to gather in situ, right where decisions takes place.
Customers like using Qwesteo as its fun and there are no strings attached.


How does it work?

Social Media Marketing
Create your questions in just a few clicks using the Qwesteo web interface. Managing questionnaires in your stores is done easily and remotely.
Organic Long-Term SEO

They are Ready to go for positioning in stores in minutes! No on-site installation required when using Qwesteo tablets.

Advanced SEO Analytics
Customers respond in a single click: fast, easy and fun. You collect hundreds of responses directly in stores without ever bothering your customers.

Responses are collected in real time and transmitted using 3G to Qwesteo's web interface. Data analysis reports are generated automatically.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Specialist Stores
Social Media Marketing
Hotels - Restaurants
Social Media Marketing
Public Administration
“You cannot improve upon things that you do not measure.”

Dedicated web interface

for real-time management

Prepare and manage different surveys across any number of different sites using the Qwesteo app.

Track results and analyse customer feedback data to reach a better understanding of the customer experience.

Once change is implemented the tracking continues in a virtuous circle of customer-centric improvement.

Under the bonnot of Qwesteo lies a powerful analytical tool to extract invaluable customer insights.


The path to understanding your customers

The Qwesteo customer feedback experts are available to help you unleash the customer insights by continuously collecting invaluable data about your client experience.

Tactile or autonomous tablets connected by WIFI or 3G

Unlimited access to the web administration interface

Quick start webinar & ongoing expert advice

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