The Qwesteo customer feedback collector

Making a change and going for a customer centric strategy is today's an absolute neccessity. But for that, you will need reliable customer satisfaction indicators and clear goals in order to manage and improve your retail business. First step? Listen to your customers of course!

Specialised in anaylising customer behavior, Qwesteo developped a dedicated solution to collect customer satisfaction. Our patented collector technology is unique on the market.

Measure objectively customer satisfaction

Exit inquiries, mystery shoppers, paper surveys, QR codes... classics solutions to collect customer's satisfaction do not target ALL your customers. Is is then very difficult to establish a global vision on customer's perception. We mostly end-up collecting only insatisfactions and complains...

Qwesteo collectors measure "on the spot", that means closer to the experience loved by customers. The approach is simple and intuitive, based on smileys questions and single choice questions, allows the customers to not be disturbed and to answer with just one or two clicks. It is then possible to collect customers feedbacks, even the ones that would never express themselves.

Our solution collects a large amount of feedbacks which can be analysed objectively

Much more than just a "smiley" terminal

Qwesteo's feedback collectors go much further than similar smileys terminals used to evaluate toilets cleanliness! Indeed, it is very hard to make satisfaction conclusions based on a simple smiley question...

Our solution allows you to ask many questions to evaluate different types of subjects (Welcoming, cleanliness, services, waiting time...) and explore insatisfaction reasons to specify answers. Questions are rotating using a smart system and each customer reply in average to one or two questions. It is a collaborative feedback collector system.

Thanks to the feedbacks volume obtained (30% of traffic in average), the solution delivers quickly detailed customer satisfaction indicators on all subjects proposed.

A patented technology, made in France

Our unique and patented satisfaction collector terminals are built by the french company SECTRONIC.

Thanks to the e-ink technology, collector terminals can display large amount of questions and be autonomous from 3 to 6 months. Without electric plug needed, it can therefore be positionned closer to the customers flow to maximised customers feedbacks amount.

Tablets work with a multi-operators SIM card that can sync datas automatically. Customer satisfaction can be measured and analysed straight away through indicators on your online application.

Qwesteo developped an online analysis dashboard, dedicated to each business sector.

The solution's goal is simple : make easier for business to take decisions based on what customers think, and expect !

New generation customer satisfaction collector

Have you completed a questionnaire on Qwesteo feedback tablet? Click here to exercise your rights regarding personal data collection.