Qwesteo is GRDP compliant

Since the 25th of May 2018, the GRDP regulations (law applicable within European Union) is protecting your private online datas and the datas from your users. This law tends to reinsure users the rights they have regarding private datas treatment and usage.

Qwesteo is respecting those obligations, as responsible for the use and the collect of personal datas with our collectors.

Our engagements regarding customers datas

As a Qwesteo customer, you provide your email address, full name, phone number and your company name.

As you are in the rights to know how your datas will be treated, we wish to clarify a couple of points :

  • The use of your datas stays within the perimeter of the application ;
  • You will only receive emails about your use of the application ;
  • You can unsusbscribe to our informative newsletter by clicking "Unsubscribe" on bottom of each email or by contacting us at contact@qwesteo.com ;
  • We do not have access to your passwords, that's why in case you forget one, we ask you to follow password recovery procedure ;
  • Our solution allows you to collect personal datas from your users. Those datas are yours. Except by an explicit request from you or one of your users, we can not use any of those datas. Be aware that the use you will do of your user's personal datas is entirely your responsability, you will have to follow the same GRDP rules ;
  • You can delete your account at any moment, in that case we will not have any access to your personal datas.

Our engagements as sub-contractor

When, our application users collect personal datas from their customers, they are responsible for the use, but Qwesteo's role is limited to save and classify those datas.

If our application users collect personal datas, they are also obligated to respect GRDP compliance. In that case, Qwesteo has done everything for them to be in good standing with the law.

We offer the following warranties :

  • Datas are hosted in France, in a french based company (OVH), subject to data protection laws ;
  • All collected datas are confidential and are own by our clients ;
  • Users get granted a right to know about their personal datas collect and use ;
  • Users get a right to modify or delete their personal datas within Qwesteo website.

How to collect personal datas on Qwesteo's tablet and be GRDP compliant?

Qwesteo has been developing a specific functionality requesting consent in case any personal data has to be collected.

Each question that collects personal datas is paired with a yes/no question which requires a consent from user. A checkbox labelled to accept personal datas collection has be checked.

This request is mandatory on certain types of questions such as coordinates, email address, address... and must be custom based on datas' final use.

Informative messages can be found all around the application for the user to be aware.

We make sure to remind that in specific contexts, it is forbidden to collect "sensitive" personal datas in Qwesteo's questionnaires.

For more information about Qwesteo's GRDP compliance, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@qwesteo.com.

Qwesteo is GRDP compliant

Have you completed a questionnaire on Qwesteo feedback tablet? Click here to exercise your rights regarding personal data collection.